Door Models

Vale Company manufactures various FRP doors to meet any standard your entrance needs may require. All models can be altered with custom reinforcements to insure hardware retention in the most demanding of venues.

All Vale FRP doors are constructed with interlocking aluminum edge trim designed for easy component breakdown and field repair. Most of our competitors do not offer this important feature. Our designers believe one door model cannot possibly meet all potential needs as in the case of concealed hardware application where others are forced to cut, splice or weld their side rails to accommodate concealed vertical rod hardware, thereby weakening the door leaf. Additionally, in the case of full or double lite doors most of our competition must change out these openings from FRP to aluminum style and rail doors because the vision lite cutouts weaken their narrow style product beyond acceptability. The Vale V-600 is the best solution in these instances and does not aesthetically denigrate the building exterior by mixing FRP and aluminum finishes.

VS-600 Industry Standard Model
Name Description
V250Our standard model is priced competitively and offers a rail system that has a tube face thickness 23% heavier than the competition. For School Districts this model has both 6" top and bottom rails with a 1/8" wall thickness. The V-250 is particularly applicable with surface applied hardware.
V350This medium style door can perform under the most difficult of circumstances. With a 1/8" tube face thickness and a 3/16" hinge wall thickness this model can withstand the toughest traffic and abuse. The V-350 is particularly useful where concealed hardware application is employed.
V600The flagship of our FRP door line the V600 is simply designed to be the heaviest most durable FRP door in the industry. With side rails that are 5 3/4" across the tube face this model will withstand all the abuse found at industrial buildings and secondary schools and still perform flawlessly. Constructed of 6063-T6 alloy this product can be produced at widths up to 48" and heights to 120".

Door Styles

All Vale vision kits are custom sized to door dimensions and adjusted for specific hardware requirements to provide the most esthetically pleasing entrances. Other manufacturers who utilize stock sized door lites for economy and simplicity sacrifice beauty, appearance and proportionality. Vision kits are available in standard and anodized finishes as well as custom Kynar colors designed to be coordinated with all door trim. Factory glazing is available in 1/4" or 1" insulated glazing options. See our available color samples.

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  • STYLE V-1
    STYLE V-1
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    STYLE V-2
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    STYLE V-3
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    STYLE V-4
  • STYLE V-5
    STYLE V-5
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    STYLE V-6
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    STYLE V-7
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    STYLE V-8
  • STYLE v-9
    STYLE v-9
  • STYLE V-10
    STYLE V-10


FRP Panels

Name Description Cross Section
Model VC100FRP panels are particularly useful in entrances where security or privacy is a concern. Constructed from our VC-95 .120 face sheet materials these panels are offered in 1/4", 1" and 1 3/4" thicknesses. Designed to match our door surface VC-100 panels provide the perfect complement to your entrance needs when glazing is not preferred.Model VC100
Model VC100-175This insulated 1-3/4" thick panel is particularly useful in applications where maximum insulating capability is required.Model VC100-175
Model VC100-75This flush 1/4" double faced panel can be used in our vision kit material to create various combinations of two-tone color and inlayed designs.Model VC100-75
Model VC100HDThis 1" heavy duty panel has 1/8" thick 6063-T5 aluminum in 3/4" channel configuration as perimeter reinforcement. Our VC-95 .120 face sheet material is laminated to 25 lb. PSI Polystyrene core material with a maximum flame spread of 25. This reinforced panel is particularly useful in sizes greater than 20 sq. ft.Model VC100HD

Architectural Entrances

Vale Heavy Duty Tube Framing with Applied Stops

Vale Company frames are designed with the highest standard of quality and factory assembled in the largest sections suitable for shipping to minimize field assembly. Offered in .125” wall thickness these frames are made with applied stops and can accommodate various glazing thicknesses. The class I anodized finishes are the most durable in the industry utilizing acid etch technology insuring an environmentally friendly finishing process. Custom Kynar finishes are also available on all Vale framing. Extruded from 6063-T5 or 6063-T6 aluminum all frames are internally reinforced at critical hardware mounting points.

Available Models Dimensions
Insert FramingInsert framing.
VC-1751.75" x 4.5"
VC-4502" x 4.5"
VC-5002" x 5"
VC-6002" x 6"
VC-8002" x 8"
VC-40504" x 4.5"
VC-40604" x 6"


As a certified Ingersoll Rand hardware applicator Vale Company has many years of experience mounting door hardware of all descriptions. Whatever your security requirements may be Vale Company will properly design the door and hardware package to meet your needs. Hardware application and retention is perhaps the most critical concern for Facilities Managers.

At the Vale Company adequate reinforcement for all hardware systems is our primary concern as independent lab results has confirmed a closer bar pull off test (NCTL-110-9594-3) of greater than 8000 lbs. (Exceeded testing equipment capacity) which demonstrates our commitment to providing the best quality our Industry can deliver. With the Vale Company hardware factory applied stays applied.

hardware 1
hardware 2
hardware 3

Insert Framing

Vale Insert framing provides an economical method of making use of existing framing which may be deteriorated, rusted or simply too difficult to remove without creating collateral damage to the surrounding areas. Model 2125 insert framing is available in clear and bronze anodized finish as well as custom Kynar colors extruded from 6063-T5 aluminum alloy this frame includes wool pile weatherstripping on the doorstop. Insert frames require field anchor preps, fasteners are to be supplied by erectors. Sealant is required during installation. Hinge preps may be factory completed provided continuous gear hinges are sent to us before fabrication. This framing will be furnished in lineal format to be assembled on site.

See technical data for insert framing.

Insert Framing Example
Insert Framing Example
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